Feb 19: Aquarius Spurts to the Top

Team Aquarius stormed to the top of the ZodiOlympics ranking of top astrological teams at the PyeongChang during a somewhat slow day in medals.

Alexander Kopacz

The water bearers swept up five medals in the Feb. 19 competition, including a gold and silver in team ski jumping, along with a gold won by Alexander Kopacz in the two-man bobsled. That was enough lift Aquarius from its third-place standing the day before to first in total medals awarded, and in the metallurgically-weighted standings.

The ZodiOlympics appear to be turning into a three-team race for astrological supremacy, though there is still a lot of medal to be doled out – including the huge hockey rosters. In our analysis, every member of the gold, silver and bronze teams is credited with a medal. Could be a wild finish.

Stefan Hula

For now, Gemini and Cancer are giving Aquarius the most competition, followed by a pack of star-signs that are within spitting distance. Capricorn is still on the outside looking in. We honor the scales’ Stefan Hula, who helped keep Libra’s pulse alive with a bronze in team ski jumping.


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