Gemini Takes the Lead: Sagittarius Makes a Move

Feb. 20. Sagittarius made a serious move up the ZodiOlympic ranking on cumulative medals won at the PeyongChange games today, as Gemini slid past Aquarius into the top ranking.

Aquarius still cling to a slim lead in the weighted-medal scoring: 71 to 70 over Gemini and five points ahead of Cancer, which held its own in for the day. Leo and Pisces both lost significant ground.

But the winner for the day was Sagittarius, which won seven medals, including three in the women’s short-track 3000m relay. The archer hauled in a gold and silver in the biathlon mixed relay, as well as in the men’s Nordic combined.

Taurus was not far behind, with six medalists on Tuesday’s podium, half of which came from ice dance, where there was a bull on each winning team. Taurus also nailed two in the biathlon mixed relay.

There are still nine or so astrological teams that could move into contention if they could put together outings like Sagittarius and Taurus had. Capricorn and Libra need a miracle to avoid relegation. Are there any promising constellations in the second tier?



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