The creators of ZodiOlympics this week announced a new venture based on the wonders of the Zodiac.

ZodiDerby will track this weekend’s running of the Kentucky Derby based on the foal dates of the 20 horses now scheduled to run. This parallels our landmark analysis of the 2018 winter Olympic games based on the athletes’ birth dates (astrological signs) rather than their nationality.

ZodiDerby is a much simpler affair as all the competitors were born over the course of four signs of the Zodiac in 2015. These are your choices:

Horse Sign
Firenze Fire Pisces
Free Drop Billy Taurus
Promises Fulfilled Taurus
Flameaway Pisces
Audible Pisces
Good Magic Pisces
Justify Aries
Lone Sailor Aries
Hofburg Aquarius
My Boy Jack Aquarius
Bolt D’Oro Pisces
Enticed Aries
Bravazo Aquarius
Mendelssohn Taurus
Instilled Regard Aries
Magnum Moon Taurus
Solomini Taurus
Vino Rosso Aries
Noble Indy Aries
Combatant Taurus

Two of them have the same foal-date: March 17!

Let the betting and wondering begin.

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