Aries Wins Kentucky Derby

Aries was the most successful astrological sign in yesterday’s 2018 Kentucky Derby, according to a new analysis and ranking by ZodiDerby.

Justify, foaled under the sign of Aries, won the race outright, followed by two Pisces competitors, Good Magic and Audible. Neither Aquarius nor Taurus had a horse in the top three.

On a weighted basis, which awarded points proportionately among the top 10 finishers, Aries garnered 24 points and edged out Pisces’ 15 points. Taurus managed only half a point after Solomini finished 10th.

The strong showing by Aries was not surprising, given that six of the 20 horses were foaled under its sign.

Taurus also sponsored six horses but they ran like old bulls and had far worse results. Five of the team finished among the bottom six in the race. The average finish for Taurus was 16th place, compared to ninth for Aries.

Aquarius, with just three horses in the field, turned in the best average finish, sixth. Aquarius also did well in terms of the final odds ranking. Its three entries finished fifth, sixth and seventh, including two longshots with odds of 67-to-1, 27-to-1.

Aries also had strong scores in the performance analysis, aided by the fourth-place finish of Instilled Regard, which was the darkest horse in the field with 85-to-1 odds at the start. Lone Sailor and Vino Rossi also finished slightly higher than oddsmakers predicted, while Justify, the overall winner, was also the favorite in the race.


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