Feb 17: A Huge Day for Aquarius

Team Aquarius racked up seven medals on the ninth day of competition at the 2018 winter games in PyeongChang, closing the gap on front-runner Gemini, according to ZodiOlympics.

The Water Bearers chalked up three gold, two silver and two bronze in the Feb. 17 medal ceremonies. The Aquarius scored big in the 5000 meter women’s cross-country relay, where two (Astrid Jacobsen and Ragnhild Haga) starred on the gold-medal team and two more helped the bronze-medalists. 

Aquarius moved into a tie for first place with Gemini on a medal-weighted basis (three points for gold, two for silver and one for bronze). The Twins still held a one-point lead on straight medal count, thanks to a solid five-medal performance.

Cancer also brought home five medals, including three in the same XC relay race where Aquarius was so triumphant. That kept the Crab in third place.

Observers are still puzzled by the dismal showing of Libra. One would think with all that balance, the Scales would do well on skates, skis and snowboards, but Team Libra has still brought back just four medals. Perhaps they are just too darn peaceful and harmony-seeking.

Astrid Jacobsen
Ragnhild, Haga

Feb. 16: Gemini Spurts to the Top

Team Gemini rode a strong showing at the PyeongChang winter games on Feb. 16, climbing to the top ranking in the exclusive ZodiOlympics ranking.

Gemini collected five medals – two gold, a silver and two bronze – that brought its cumulative total to 23. On a weighted basis, Gemini leads the league table with 48 points, five ahead of Aquarius, which also ranked second on medal count.

Aires had been at the top of the ranking for several days but seems to be losing its mojo. The sign of the ram won zilch in the most recent day of competition, perhaps reflecting its moodiness and short-tempered nature. Its big haul came back on Feb. 12, when Aires raked in a dozen medals thanks largely to a strong showing in team figure skating, where dozens of awards were given.

Aquarius and Virgo have done well the past few days. Although the shy virgins are still on the outside looking in with 16 points, they ranked fifth on a weighted basis.

Congrats to Aquarius gold-winners Mattias Mayer (Men’s Super-G) and Sungbin Yun (men’s luge skeleton).

Matthias Mayer
Sungbin Yun

Feb 15: Let the Sunshine In

Team Aquarius had a huge day at the PyeongChang winter games, hauling away four gold medals, one silver and two bronze.

It was enough to pull Aquarius into a four-way tie for fourth place on a cumulative basis. It trails Gemini, the big winner on Valentine’s Day, by one medal.

Leo also earned seven medals on Feb. 15, though of lesser value than Aquarius. And Cancer celebrated its astrological unity with 6 medals, enough to raise it into a tie with Aquarius for the lead in cumulative prizes.

In theory, the medals should be distributed equally among the 12 signs of the Zodiac.

But Libra has only collected four so far, including a bronze in speed skating yesterday. Way to go Nicola Tumolero!

Libra’s only gold was earned by Johannes Klaebo in a cross-country event.

Feb 14 Update: A Big Day for Gemini

Valentine’s Day was special for Team Gemini, which scooped up 11 of the 30 medals awarded at the PyeongChang Winter Games.

The big haul lifted Gemini into second place in the cumulative standings based on the birth month of Olympic medal winners.

Thought of as gentle, curious and uncomfortable being alone, the Gemini appropriately picked up six of their 11 Valentine’s Day medals in luge doubles. Social commentators can draw their only conclusions about the fact that it was luge doubles for men. Do they have mixed luge doubles?

Well, they should.

As further proof of the scientific validity of the ZodiOlympic thesis, the co-winners of the men’s luge double are both named Tobias, though Mr. Wendl (right) is 14 days younger than Mr. Arlt (left). But who has the better beard?

February 13 update: Sagittarius Come Alive

You can’t keep those perky Sagittarius down forever, and certainly not the five who won medals on Tuesday at PyeongChung.

Sagittarius was the top medal-winning astrological team for the day, edging past Taurus. On a medal-weighted basis (three points for gold, two for silver, one for bronze) the Archers racked up 10 points — four more than Taurus and Pisces.

The eager, upbeat Sagittarius made a big showing in mixed-doubles curling, raking in two golds and a bronze. The gold-winning team of Kaitlyn Lawes and John Morris were both born on December 16, 10 years apart. Bronze-winner Anastaasia Bryzgalova celebrates her birthday every December 13.

The big haul also put Sagittarius at the top of the small, but warm category of Olympians Who Compete in Shoes.

It wasn’t a big day for Aries, which picked up a single medal (gold), but the team remained atop the cumulative standings with 16 medals.

Pisces men have picked up 14 so far, while Aries leads among women with 15.

February 12 Update: Aries on Top

Children born under the sign of the ram led the 2018 Winter Games in South Korea after the third day of medal events. Aries have racked up 15 total medals, including 6 awarded individually to women athletes.

Weighted for metal value, Aries have a six-point lead over Leo.

The third day of the Olympics was the first in which team awards were given, which helped Aries take the lead.  For members of the Russian ice skating team, which placed second, were born under the sign of the ram, along with one skater with the gold-winning Canadians and one bronze American.

Coming into the day, Aries had just 5 medals, and picked up 10 more in Sunday’s competition.